This is Ridiculous EP

by jworl

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These tracks were composed over the past 10 months and are free to download (just enter 0.00). *But* ... if you'd like to donate at all, it would be much appreciated! I'm happy to let people listen to my music for free though.

Now about the music...

I've been listening to electronic music for the past year... everything ranging from Boards of Canada to deadmau5 to Skream to Excision to Helicopter Showdown. Having played music since I was a little kid, I got the urge to experiment with electronic composition myself. Everything was recorded in full 24bit/96khz audio quality in uncompressed WAV format. Because bandcamp is so awesome, you can download the best format for your needs. FLAC or ALAC is my personal suggestion. MP3/320 isn't bad either unless you're an oober-audiophile (you know who you are). :)

The Basswave Therapy sessions are similar (mostly identical) dubstep compositions, but the recordings are live-captured synthesizer adjustments to a project file that's being played. The two on this EP are only two of many recordings... none of which sound exactly alike (some are worse than others). I still play around with this project file for fun.

The other tracks are simple Electro/Progressive/Trance/House styles. The recording was done by switching up scenes during a playing-project file. Kind of what deadmau5 was referring to in one of his recent tumblr posts--


released June 24, 2012



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jworl Pensacola, Florida

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